My skillset<

My skillset spans from user interface design to web development, print-production & corporate branding. These skills help promote your concepts, products, & ideas.

What I have done

Companys I have created or developed marketing collateral for<

Through company’s & companies of company’s – I’ve created and developed work for a few brands you may have heard of.

  • State Farm
  • Teleflex
  • Yahoo!
  • Olympus
  • Food Network
  • HGTV
  • Carpenter
  • Travel Channel
  • Crayola
  • Kaspersky Lab
  • Clear Channel Radio
What I can do for you

What I can do for you<

I can help build brands through creation of an identity, provide design and production of websites to promote and expose your product providing a presence in the market place.

Whether its tweaking an existing strategy, developing collateral for your brand, or launching creative ideas from the ground up – I can help.

  • Identity
  • Presence
  • Exposure
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